Company Overview

Cost Containment & Provider Network

MedBrick is proudly a Canadian based company located in the province of Quebec. Our company was founded in 2010 by a team of service-oriented specialists of Latin American background. 

We offer our services to North American and international organizations as well as to the general public.Our workforce combines knowledge and dedication with  many years of contracting and negotiating experience in the Latin American health insurance industry.We strongly believe that exceeding customer service standards is key to keeping our clients satisfied.  After all, we will always go the extra mile for them!

 When it comes to handling a medical claim on your behalf, we strongly believe that you deserve to be billed only what is fair and reasonable.MedBrick is constantly building and strengthening its own network. We will negotiate and reprice your medical claims in several countries. Ask us about our presence and capabilities in any of the following countries:

Please contact us for more information on our current network.